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and welcome to Friday

February 27, 2009

 On Friday afternoons (life in general, and school holidays in particular, permitting) the Creative Crafter, the Domestic Goddess and I get together for our knitting club.  Truth to tell, there isn’t always a great deal of knitting going on.  In fact, I’m often the only one who does any knitting at all.  The DG seems to be a very secretive knitter – it’s like a fat person who won’t eat Mars bars in public.  We know that she does it, we have the proof in front of us (woolly and fetchingly pink in this case – not that I’m biased but I did help choose the colour and it’s a particularly nice shade) but we never actually see her in action.  

The Creative Crafter on the other hand: well with a name like that you’d think you’d have to prise the knitting needles out of her cold, dead little fingers, but no.  In the time our little knitting club has been going she has been known to cast on for  two things, but that’s as far as it’s ever got.  The scarf was cast on three weeks ago, and I think it’s been sitting on a shelf looking crafty ever since.

So if the knitting together isn’t necessarily the key feature of our gatherings, what is?  Well, there’s always cake.  We could just think of ourselves differently, we could be a cake eating club (as long as we amended our constitution to allow for the occasional biscuit or scone) but really that would never do.  As Super Girl pointed out, then we’d have to let everyone come, because everyone likes cake.

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