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where would we be without rules?

February 25, 2009

I’m still working through the rules for my Lent thing.  But this is where I am so far:

butter and cheese – definitely allowed – I know that strictly speaking these are processed – but there’s no way I’m going into production;

bread – I can and should make ours all the time, rather than just sometimes.  Not sure how the husband will take the lack of shop-bought white, and this is my Lent thing, not his, so I guess it’s okay if he buys and eats his own, but I must be organised enough not to need it for the packed lunches;

pasta – can buy dried, plain;

biscuits, cakes, icecream – definitely not;

quorn products – not made my mind up yet.  We’re vegetarians, so we’d miss it.  Still thinking about this one;

breakfast cereals – I’ll have to go back to eating porridge more.  It’s not the making it I mind, it’s the washing up.  Super Girl and Boy Wonder can work through the backlog of cereals they don’t like so much once they’ve finished their favourite.

I was probably cheating already, before I even started in that I was going round the supermarket, doing my standard acquiring of a pretty mixed trolley full, as I was thinking about the “no-processed-food-for-Lent” thing, so we do have a couple of packs of tortellini and a bag of bagels, that I probably shouldn’t have.  We’re allowed to have these – it would be a waste not to.  

In my defence, I hadn’t really given a great deal of thought to this until I saw the Domestic Goddess yesterday and and she told me about the supermarket thing.  True friend that I am, I lured her in one last time, but only to the coffee shop, honestly, and I did keep my word and see her off the premises again, so that she definitely didn’t shop.  Though this was really overkill, as Lent only actually began today.

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