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Operation Storm City

January 19, 2009
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Well, I’ve finished the book that I was reading (though it wasn’t actually the book that I was meant to be reading) and here’s my review.

Operation Storm City is described as “A Da Vinci Code for children,” but I would say that it is much more than that. As well as a swashbuckling adventure story, this is also a really beautiful book to own, with sketches, watercolours, and an amazing range of detailed plans. These add an extra dimension to make a really covetable keepsake book. This is the third book in the Honourable Guild of Specialists trilogy (the earlier volumes are Operation Red Jericho and Operation Typhoon Shore) and it follows the adventures of Becca and Doug MacKenzie as they travel from India to the desert wastes of Sinkiang, searching for their lost parents. Along the way they meet amazing characters, and are reunited with others from the previous two volumes, including members of the mysterious warrior sect, the Sujing Quantou. The books are set in 1920 but Becca and Doug are very modern characters, and modern readers will find it easy to identify with their determination and courage, and they need all of this, in the last, desperate phase of their adventures. They are racing to find the legendary city of Ur Can – the Storm City, facing a range of bloodthirsty adversaries who are out to conquer the world, using the ages old secrets of a long-vanished civilisation. This book will appeal to all who like a thrilling adventure story, and the beautiful, thoughtful presentation adds another dimension.  (This review is also posted on Amazon)

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